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  Since 1980s, Latin America has been the most intensive region which keeps diplomatic relations with Taiwan. In addition, it exerts very significant functions to maintain Taiwan’s international visibility. Meanwhile, there are abundant natural and human resources in Latin America with profound potential in its economic development, and it is worthwhile for Taiwan’s businesses and industries cultivating and exploring. Therefore, to foster academic and practical experts in this related field, Tamkang University has funded the only academic institution in Taiwan, Graduate Institute of Latin American Studies, which conducts thorough study on the region of Latin America since August 1989.
The feature of our institute emphasizes both researches and practices. First of all, in order to balance students’ learning process on research and further application, our curriculum focus on not only the in-depth analyses of Latin America’s politics, economic development, and social issues but also the arrangement for students to call on and intern in the governmental agencies and private sector. Second, our institute creates a diversified learning environment. In addition to regular curriculum, Graduate Institute of Latin American Studies offers students opportunities to have close and direct interaction with Latin American people through cooperative channels with other institutions. Third, to tie up with timely and dynamic international affairs, every semester, our institute invites scholars and experts off campus to hold seminars for important issues regarding to this region. Besides, Graduate Institute of Latin American Studies hosts or cohosts international conferences with prestigious partner Latin American universities on a regular basis to expand horizons for our faculty members and students.
Under the concept to combine scholarly and pragmatic approaches, more than two hundred professionals have been cultivated since the establishment of Graduate Institute of Latin American Studies, serving throughout the fields of education, Foreign Service, journalism, and businesses. At present, our institute continuously takes the responsibilities as the leading institution to study Latin America in Taiwan and envisions ourselves as the bridge for the relations between Taiwan and Latin American countries. Graduate Institute of Latin American Studies welcomes and expects students who are progressive, pragmatic, and creative to join us to explore the future.

Director Kwo-wei, Kung

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